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Mueller report: US Congress awaits key findings from Attorney General Barr

US congressional leaders are awaiting conclusions from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, with early findings expected Sunday.

The long-awaited report was submitted on Friday to Attorney General William Barr, who spent Saturday at the justice department poring over the document.

The report is the culmination of two years of investigation by Mr Mueller.

A justice department official said it did not call for new charges.

In the course of their investigation, Mr Mueller and his team have already charged 34 people - including six former Trump aides and a dozen Russians - as well as three companies.

None of those charges directly related to the allegations of collusion between the campaign and Moscow - allegations that President Trump has always denied.

Mr Mueller reportedly also examined another question: whether Mr Trump committed obstruction of justice in an effort to curtail an FBI investigation into connections between his campaign and Russians.

It is not yet known how much of the report - if any - will be made available to the public. Mr Barr will decide initially how much information to share with Congress.

Mr Barr, who was appointed by Mr Trump, told congressional leaders on Friday that he was "committed to as much transparency as possible."

Mr Barr spent nine hours at the justice department on Saturday before leaving at around 19:00 (23:00 GMT), US media reported.