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California 2018 wildfires: Should you escape on foot or in a car?

California's latest catastrophic wildfire, the Camp Fire, was impossible to outrun when it first began burning. Officials say winds caused the blaze to burn through 80 miles (128km) of Northern California's hillside in just one hour.

So how can you escape such a blaze, and why is the western US state so susceptible to these deadly fires?

Once evacuation orders are issued by local law enforcement, residents generally have hours to leave, Kathleen Schori, information officer for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) told the BBC.

"But in those initial stages of a fire, you may have minutes," she added.

Fleeing in a vehicle is ideal as most wildfires cannot be outrun. But the Camp Fire's especially rapid spread, fuelled by high winds, made the situation even more dangerous.

"This fire moved so fast - I don't think anybody did anything wrong," Ms Schori says when asked whether those forced to abandon vehicles and escape on foot could have acted differently.

"During the initial phases, it was burning 80 miles in an hour."

She stressed the importance of following evacuation orders immediately, especially with fast-moving blazes.

"If you don't evacuate and it becomes a rescue situation, then our firefighters are taken away from the firefight and moved to the rescue."

Sometimes, you do fight fire with fire.