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Dad of bus crash victim: 'I feel horribly for my son's killer'

When Jaskirat Singh Sidhu ran a stop sign and crashed into a bus carrying a Canadian hockey team, he caused an accident that took 16 lives and left 13 more seriously injured. A year later, the father of one of his victims reflects on the meaning of forgiveness.

Scott Thomas has told this story countless times.

How he was riding in the car with Cal Hobbs, another hockey dad, on the way to the Humboldt Broncos' game against the Nipawin Hawks on 6 April, 2018.

How Hobbs's son Declan, the goalie for the Hawks, called his father just hours before the puck was set to drop.

How Declan, on speakerphone, said "don't bother coming, the games cancelled there's been a bad bus accident" before breaking down in tears.

How they drove to the crash site in silence, save for the blare of the ambulance sirens and the whir of helicopters overhead.

"I just got this impending feeling of doom," Thomas told the BBC, in an interview almost a year after the accident.

Thomas's son Evan was killed, along with 15 others, when a semi-trailer driven by Jaskirat Singh Sidhu crashed into the bus carrying the Broncos team and staff.

Thirteen others were injured, some permanently.

On Friday, Sidhu was sentenced to eight years in prison after pleading guilty to 29 charges of dangerous driving, causing death and bodily harm.