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California wildfires: Town of Paradise will need 'total rebuild'

The director of the US emergency agency says a California town ravaged by wildfire will need a "total rebuild" job that will take several years.

Brock Long, administrator of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), said the damage to Paradise was "one of the worst disasters" he had ever seen.

So far 48 people have been found dead in the Camp Fire that hit the town, but more than 100 more remain missing.

About 9,000 firefighters are currently battling wildfires across the state.

At a news briefing on Wednesday by officials, the director of California's fire service said "progress is being made" to contain the blazes.

"I want to just reiterate we continue to have a lot of work to do we will continue to be here, we will get this done until the job is over," Ken Pimlott said.

Spent today touring devastated portions of Paradise with . As these fires continue causing massive destruction it’s imperative that citizens remain vigilant and listen to local officials if ordered to evacuate.

End of Twitter post by @FEMA_Brock

In a Tweet on Wednesday, President Donald Trump said he has been briefed on the situation by Mr Long and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, who are both currently on the ground in California.

Was just briefed by and , who are in California. Thank you to the great Firefighters, First Responders and for the incredible job they are doing w/ the California Wildfires. Our Nation appreciates your heroism, courage & genius. God Bless you all!