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The latest remake of Hellboy hit Russian cinemas on 11 April. Directed by Neil Marshall, the film features a demon who switches satanic allegiance to protect humanity from evil.

However, audiences in Russia discovered that in their version of the film a reference to Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin had been changed to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

Please note there are minor spoilers below.

In a line of expository dialogue, the film's titular character reveals that one of the supporting antagonists, Russian folklore character Baba Yaga, once attempted to resurrect the spirit of Stalin.

The original line, uttered by Hellboy upon confronting Baba Yaga, is: "I recall you tried to raise Stalin's ghost from a necropolis."

In the film's Russian-language version, according to small independent TV channel Dozhd, the line goes: "I want to remind you, you tried to raise Hitler's spirit from a necropolis".

Theatres screening the English-language version of the film complemented it with Russian subtitles. During this scene, the audio for Stalin's name was bleeped, while the subtitles said "Hitler".

The only other word censored in the film was a Russian curse word uttered by another supporting antagonist, Russian mystic Grigory Rasputin. All English swear words were left untouched.

In Russia, the film was aired to audiences of 18 and older. The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) .

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