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US man writes his own obituary to warn others against smoking

A 66-year-old man in New York state took it upon himself to write his own obituary as a cautionary tale warning others against smoking.

Geoffrey Turner died of lung cancer on 13 February after decades of smoking.

"I was an idiot who made the same stupid decision, day-after-day," Mr Turner wrote. "If you're a smoker - quit - now - your life depends on it."

His daughter, Sarah, told the BBC she was extremely proud of her father's last "selfless" act.

"I was a smoker and even though I knew it may eventually kill me, I chose to deny the truth to myself," .

Mr Turner was diagnosed in November with stage four lung cancer that his doctor said was a direct result of his years of smoking.

"The pain and suffering I caused my family was not worth the perceived 'satisfaction' that really did nothing more than waste money, separate me from my family, and eventually destroyed my body.

"I lived a decent life, but there are so many events and milestones I will not be able to share with my loved ones," he wrote. "The moral of this story - don't be an idiot.

"Remember, life is good - don't let it go up in smoke."

Daughter Sarah Huiest told the BBC she was shocked when her father showed her the obituary.