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Elizabeth Warren: DNA test finds 'strong evidence' of Native American blood

US Senator Elizabeth Warren has revealed that a DNA test shows "strong evidence" that she has distant Native American ancestry.

She took the test after President Donald Trump taunted her in speeches, calling her a "fake Pocahontas" and challenging her to take the test.

The DNA test suggests Ms Warren has a Native American ancestor dating back six to 10 generations.

Many believe the Democrat is preparing for a presidential bid in 2020.

Ms Warren, who is up for re-election in Massachusetts, shared the report along with a video of family and colleagues discussing her heritage on Monday.

was conducted by geneticist Carlos Bustamante of Stanford.

"The vast majority" of Ms Warren's ancestry is European, it concludes, but "the results strongly support" a Native American ancestor.

This puts Ms Warren as between 1/32 and 1/512 Native-American, .

Ms Warren herself is not a part of any native tribe. While the results of the test do confirm there is native heritage in Ms Warren's family tree, critics could still point out how imprecise these DNA tests can be.

The senator's accompanying video begins with a clip of the president mocking her at a rally, saying: "She said she's Native-American and I said, Pocahontas!"