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Hélène Pastor murder: Polish son-in-law admits ordering hit

After years of denial, the Polish son-in-law of billionaire Hélène Pastor has confessed to ordering a mafia-style hit on the 77-year-old property heiress.

and made the shocking admission a day before the verdict is due.

The 2014 shooting of Pastor and her chauffeur in Nice shook the principality of Monaco, where she was a friend of the royal family.


His lawyer Éric Dupond-Moretti told the Aix-en-Provence court on Tuesday his client "is guilty of ordering Hélène Pastor's murder".

"These words which you wanted to hear from him come from my mouth. He tried to say these words, he wanted to say them but he couldn't," he said with Mr Janowski crying beside him.

At the time of the killing, Mr Janowski had the title of Poland's honorary consul to Monaco. His lawyer said his actions were to protect his common-law partner Sylvia Pastor from her mother, who he alleged had made her life a misery.

He also claimed he had not ordered the two hit men to kill Pastor's driver, but another defendant in the trial has contested this.

A verdict is expected on Wednesday, local media reported, and prosecutors are seeking a life sentence for Mr Janowski.

Her family was known as second in importance in Monaco only to the royal Grimaldi family. She was a descendant of Italian stonemason Jean-Baptiste Pastor, who arrived in Monaco in 1880.