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Healthcare in US: The big election issue that's not Trump

Healthcare tops most lists of voters' concerns in the US mid-term elections, but it gets precious little coverage in the national media. At a clinic in West Virginia, patients and staff explain why they think the system is broken.

Nearly all the streets in Charleston are quiet on this weekday afternoon, despite it being the state capital.

The road to the clinic is lined with old gas stations and older houses in varying states of disrepair.

In a nondescript brick building, 61-year-old Chevone Daly sits on an exam table in a white-walled room.

She first came here in 2010, after an emergency appendectomy became infected. Without her own doctor to see, she was told: Go to the emergency room or go to the free clinic.

Ms Daly tells me "nobody" she knows can afford healthcare anymore.

Most patients at this clinic are like Ms Daly - America's working poor, who find themselves with nowhere to go and no money to spend when they fall ill.

At West Virginia Health Right, providers and patients echo the same admonition - the system is broken.

And changes introduced by President Barack Obama that were meant to serve as a safety net have left many still slipping through the cracks.

As patients enter the clinic, a glass window plastered with flyers - reminders about wellness classes and prescriptions - greets them.