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A Turkish-born taxi driver in Sweden has been hailed as a hero after he lent his credit card for three days to a customer who forgot his wallet on his way to a business trip in Germany.

The story was reported in Sweden and has become viral on social media in Turkey.

The businessman, Christer Ostlund, told that he was worried that he couldn't have been able to make it home and back to the airport on time.

Then his driver, Omer Temel, offered his credit card, assuring him that there was enough money on it.

As Mr Temel refused Mr Ostlund's offer to transfer him money through a Swedish phone app, the client accepted his driver's unexpected offer. Mr Temel then passed his card to Mr Ostlund, giving him his pin number and contact details.

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Mr Ostlund was touched by the gesture. "I had never met this person before. He had no idea who I was and where I was heading," he said.

The story was picked up by Turkish media outlets, which often carry positive stories involving Turkish nationals abroad.

Mr Ostlund's remark that "people like Temel would save the world" was shared widely.

In response, Mr Temel said: "In my world you must dare to trust people, life feels more blissful if you can live that way."