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Acapulco police under investigation over alleged drugs gang links

The entire municipal police force in the coastal Mexican resort of Acapulco is under investigation amid suspicions of infiltration by criminal groups.

Marines surrounded the police headquarters and disarmed 700 officers.

Federal police and the military will now patrol the city instead.

Acapulco became famous as a destination for the rich and famous in the 1950s and 1960s but has since become a hotspot for drug trafficking and has a high murder rate.

Marines, state and federal police were deployed in a massive operation on Tuesday. They surrounded Acapulco's municipal police headquarters and formed a security cordon around the building.

They then moved into the headquarters and disarmed hundreds of officers and seized their ammunition, bulletproof vests and radios.

They also arrested two police commanders on suspicion of murder. The chief of Acapulco's highway police was also detained after he was found to be carrying unlicensed weapons.

The entire municipal police force and its chief, Max Lorenzo Sedano, are under investigation. All officers will undergo a "confidence test" and will be questioned about possible links to criminal gangs.

Meanwhile, their equipment and weapons will be placed under lock and key.

Policing would be carried out by state police until the investigations are concluded, a Guerrero state official said.