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Yemen war: Can ceasefire deal finally bring peace?

A ''forgotten war'' is now in the eyes of the world.

Beyond all expectations, a week of talks, brokered by the UN at a postcard-perfect Swedish castle, took Yemen a step closer to its elusive peace.

''Our collective achievements this week were a significant step forward," UN special envoy Martin Griffiths told the Security Council in New York the day after warring sides agreed a ceasefire in the vital Red Sea port of Hudaydah and its adjacent city.

But Mr Griffiths warned that ''what's in front of us is a daunting task... to turn the tide of war towards peace".

Yemen's tide can so swiftly turn.

Within hours of that rare burst of hope came news that sporadic battles had broken out on the eastern outskirts of Hudaydah.

The Stockholm deal, which reached agreements and understandings on a range of significant issues, is fragile and fraught with risk.

But it provoked a rare eruption of relief among Yemenis who dared to hope against hope the worst was finally over.

''Isn't this a special message for peace?'' a Yemeni woman activist exclaimed effusively in a message posted on social media.

It also comes at a time of mounting international pressure, especially on Saudi Arabia and its main Arab partner the United Arab Emirates, to help bring an end to a brutal war which has dragged the region's poorest nation to the brink of collapse.