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How dangerous is Australia for women?

In the past week, Australians have been shocked by the killing of a young woman who had been walking home at night in Melbourne.

The death of Israeli Arab student Aya Maasarwe, 21, has sparked an outcry and fresh debate about violence against women in Australia.

According to her family, Ms Maasarwe's belief that Australia was "safer" than other places was one reason she had opted for a university exchange there.

Her killing follows several high-profile murders in Australia in recent times which have caused similar anger.

Almost one in three Australian women have experienced physical violence, and nearly one in five have endured sexual violence, according to .

The rates are even higher for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.

Almost one in 10 women have experienced violence from a stranger, the statistics show.

Domestic violence is more common. On average, one woman per week is murdered in Australia by a current or former male partner.

"Violence against women is at its most extreme in murder, but it is more common that women are injured either physically or emotionally in their own home," said Associate Prof Ruth Phillips, a social work expert from the University of Sydney.

"It is a serious problem. Not a crisis, but more of an ongoing gender power problem in Australian culture."