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Trump team accused of posting edited images on social media

It's fair to say that US President Donald Trump takes pride in his health.

After all, he has said that his "stamina and strength" are some of his greatest assets and has boasted about his "great genes".

But now he has been accused of sharing doctored images in which his physical condition has been visibly enhanced.

A number of pictures, first identified by the website Gizmodo, appear to show the president looking slimmer and neater than in the original version.

Social media users were quick to point out the which was shared on Mr Trump's official Instagram and Facebook accounts.

The original version, which was posted on appears to have a few key differences.

The ruffles in the president's suit have been smoothed out near his shoulder and he looks trimmer, specifically around his neck.

His hair also seems tidier, although this could be a result of the image being superimposed on a different background, and his face has been brightened.

One of the more unusual differences is that Mr Trump's fingers seem to have been made longer.

The size of his hands has been the subject of ridicule from political opponents and comedians in the past.