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Migrant caravan: Hundreds of Hondurans set off on new trek

Hundreds of Hondurans have set off on a new migrant caravan towards the United States.

An estimated 500 left early on Tuesday from the bus terminal in the crime-ridden Honduran city of San Pedro Sula.

Another group of about 300 set off a few hours later.

It comes as thousands of Hondurans and other Central Americans remain stranded in Tijuana on the US-Mexico border after they walked for thousands of miles as part of a caravan in October.

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BBC News Online's Latin America editor Vanessa Buschschl├╝ter travelled to San Pedro Sula and nearby towns to speak to some of those who were leaving and found that while many want to reach the US, some are also heading to Mexico.

"The situation here in Honduras has been bad for years. One tries to make it north, that's our dream, because here even when you do have work, what you get paid is only just enough to eat.

"There's no way to earn enough to get a decent place to live. There are four of us in my family and we all live in a wooden shack.

"It's dangerous here. Two rival gangs operate where I live and both have tried to recruit me. They try to paint you a nice picture of gang life but I'm not stupid. I don't want that life for myself. So I have no alternative but to leave because I don't want to get into trouble. God willing, I will make it to the US."

"I left with the caravan that set off in March [of 2018]. I left because this is not a safe place. There's always police here and gangs and they're always bothering you.