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Is this the most successful month of the Trump presidency?

These days there seems to be even more of a swagger as Donald Trump strides across the South Lawn to board his green-liveried helicopter, Marine One.

Those campaign-style rallies, which have become such a marked feature of his presidency, have even more of a celebratory charge.

The president seems more willing to answer reporters' questions, partly because there is a better story to tell.

Last week he also sat for the first 60 Minutes interview of his presidency, which aired on Sunday night.

The veteran CBS presenter Lesley Stahl, who conducted this cross-examination, was struck by his self-assurance. "Right now," she said afterwards, "he's so much more confident. He is truly president. And you felt it. I felt it in this interview."

His latest Gallup approval rating is also up to 44%, a net rise of 11 points over the past month.

That is higher than Bill Clinton (41%) at a similar point in his presidency and also Ronald Reagan (42%). It is on a par with Barack Obama, who was at 46%.

All of them were two-term presidents.

October has been the most successful month of the Trump presidency so far.

It started with a new trade deal with Canada and Mexico superseding the Nafta trade deal. Unemployment has reached a 49-year low.