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Brexit: Will Britons living in the EU still get healthcare?

If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, reciprocal healthcare arrangements will not automatically survive. The UK is trying to reach agreements with EU governments to extend them.

For emergency treatment on holiday, UK nationals can use their EHIC card if they fall ill in another EU country, but if there is a no-deal Brexit it will no longer be valid and they will need travel insurance.

There are about three quarters of a million UK nationals living in other EU countries,

UK nationals who live in EU countries will have different arrangements to access healthcare, depending on which country they live in.

"We are in a situation now where many of our fellow-citizens living in Spain or France do not know in just over 40 days time whether they will have any health cover," Sarah Wollaston, the Conservative chair of the House of Commons health select committee told BBC News.

We'll look at the situation in those two countries and Ireland. There is considerable uncertainty about what would happen if there is no deal but the government says it is in "close discussions" with EU member states and will do all it can to ensure patients

If the UK leaves the EU with Theresa May's deal, after 29 March 2019 UK nationals in EU countries would continue to receive state healthcare on the same terms until the end of the transition period. Under the current plan the transition would end in 2020 but it could be extended.

What would happen after the transition depends on the agreement between the EU and the UK on their future relationship.

One issue that is relevant in all EU countries (except Ireland) is what happens to UK pensioners living elsewhere in the EU who currently benefit from the S1 certificate, which means they are entitled to the same healthcare as nationals of the countries in which they live.