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The authorities in a restive region of southern Russia have been offering smartphones in return for tip-offs about extremist material online.

Dagestan set up a website for members of the public to leave warnings about "posts that promote terrorism or incite religious or ethnic hatred", with the most prolific contributor winning an iPhone SE and the runners-up Chinese smartphones, the local news site reports.

Anyone interested can send links to the Hot Line site in complete confidentiality. Anything that looks dangerous will be passed to the police after assessment by counter-terrorism specialists, the Dagestan announced this week.

The announcement promptly made the Hot Line and its rewards national news, although the site was set up in April by the then deputy communications minister of Dagestan, Sergei Singarev.

He unveiled it at a meeting with school students during the launch of a campaign to "encourage young people to help make all of us safer" in the region - which shares a border with Chechnya in the north Caucasus.

Anyone unimpressed by the generation of smartphones on offer could be enticed by the prospect of winning a hoverboard, the news site adds.

Minister Singarev also uploaded a on YouTube warning that "aggressive posts" can turn into "real-life aggression" if they get lots of likes and reposts. The video features an animated sequence of a bomb blast at a railway station.