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What is President Weah's Liberia scorecard one year on?

As George Weah, at one time named the world's best footballer, marks a year in power in Liberia the BBC's Jonathan Paye-Layleh assesses his scorecard.

There is no doubt that at 52, George Weah can still work a crowd.

On New Year's Eve he invited his cabinet and supporters to the dedication of a private family church that he has had built.

During the late-night service, the president turned preacher, sermonising for several hours.

Dressed in white robes, he told the congregation at Forky Jlaleh Family Fellowship Church: "God has given each and every person talent that they can use for their own benefit."

And he likened the opportunity to serve in his government to being on a football team.

"When you are on the pitch playing you should know there are others on the substitutes' bench ready to replace you at any time," he said.

This elicited cheers from the church-goers, but acknowledges the pressure the government is under.

In its end-of-year message, the Liberia Council of Churches summed up the inevitable frustration felt after the euphoria of Mr Weah landslide victory.

"About a year ago, we elected a government with the hope that economically, our lives would be transformed," Kortu Brown, president of the umbrella Christian group, said on local radio station Prime FM.