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Abhilash Tomy: Rescue mission to reach injured Indian sailor

Rescuers from several nations are trying to reach a seriously injured Indian sailor who is taking part in the Golden Globe round-the-world race.

Solo yachtsman Abhilash Tomy is stranded 3,200km (2,000 miles) off the coast of Western Australia.

His yacht Thuriya had its mast broken during a severe storm in the Indian Ocean.

He managed to send a message saying he has a severe back injury and is immobilised, unable to eat or drink.

Race organisers said Tomy was "incapacitated on his bunk inside his boat.... as far from help as you can possibly be".

A French fisheries patrol vessel is sailing towards him and could arrive by Monday.

Two military planes, one from Australia and one from India, flew over the yacht on Sunday to inspect its condition, but crew were unable to establish contact with Tomy.

"He is injured inside the yacht so he can't communicate further," an Australian Maritime Safety Authority spokesman told AFP news agency.

The 39-year-old Indian Navy commander, who became the first Indian to sail around the world in 2013, is communicating using a texting unit, after his satellite phone was broken.

His boat, the Thuriya, is a replica of Robin Knox-Johnston's Suhaili, winner of the first Golden Globe Race in 1968.